Netflix reveals first clip of fourth and final season of ‘Manifest’

The wildly popular series Manifest is doing incredibly well on Netflix. Subscribers of the streaming service worldwide are looking forward to the launch of season 4, which is also the final part of the hit series. Yesterday, the streaming service released the above first images of the new season.

Netflix shares first images from ‘Manifest’ season 4

Under the hashtag #GeekedWeek, all kinds of images and news of new (seasons of) series and movies are shared on social media this week. Last night it was the turn of the ratings canon Manifest. In the video below, the streaming service shared a teaser trailer of the final season with the text “coming soon”.

Manifest Season 4 | Geeked Week Sneak Peek | Netflix

Season 4 of ‘Manifest’ should be available as early as November 2022

The shooting of the fourth season already started in September 2021, which is now almost a year ago. Therefore, it will probably not be long until these episodes will be available on Netflix. A few months ago, Manifest’s creator Jeff Rake announced that he expects season 4 to be available for streaming starting in November 2022. However, he does not yet give an exact date.