SkyShowtime launches new theatrical films after 7-8 months

By now, movie fans have become accustomed to being able to watch the latest movies after only a few weeks on subscription-based streaming services, but the new video on demand platform SkyShowtime seems to have decided to take a different approach. On average, subscribers will have to wait approximately 7-8 months for new theatrical movies to be available to stream online, according to information held by the editors of Streaming Guider.

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New cinematic films will be launched on SkyShowtime after 7-8 months

SkyShowtime offers a wide variety of the biggest cinematic movies from famous studios such as DreamWorks Animation, Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios. However, information from SkyShowtime’s employees offered to our editors shows that Dutch release dates of titles such as Top Gun: Maverick (Dec. 26), Downton Abbey: A New Era (Dec. 28), Jurassic World Dominion (Feb. 2), Minions: The Rise of Gru (Feb. 28) and Nope (March 6) lead up to an average window of 7-8 months between cinema and streaming. This situation is applicable to the Dutch streaming market, but it is likely that the strategy applies to other countries as well. However, this has not yet been officially confirmed by SkyShowtime.

In the table below, you’ll find how many days there are between theatrical and streaming for a number of highly anticipated films coming soon to SkyShowtime. Only the romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise is still an estimation, because we know that the film will appear online sometime in May 2023.

TitelCinema (NL)SkyShowtime (NL)DaysMonths (±)
Ambulance24 March 202224 November 20222458 months
The Bad Guys27 April 202210 December 20222277 months
The Northman14 April 202214 December 20222448 months
Top Gun: Maverick26 May 202226 December 20222147 months
Downton Abbey: A New Era28 April 202228 December 20222448 months
Jurassic World Dominion9 June 20222 February 20232388 months
Minions: The Rise of Gru29 June 202228 February 20232448 months
Nope18 August 20226 March 20232007 months
Ticket to Paradise29 September 2022May 20237-8 months

Disney+ and HBO Max maintain a much smaller gap between cinema and streaming

A 7-8 month gap between cinema and SVOD release is not very competitive compared to the other streaming services. At this moment in time, it seems that Disney+ applies a period of ± 49 days between theater and streaming. This means that subscribers of the video on demand platform can often enjoy the biggest movies from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and other major studios after only about 7 weeks.

HBO Max, the video on demand platform of Warner Bros. Discovery, also maintains a significantly shorter period between theatrical and streaming. Previously, they announced that they would launch new theatrical films online after only ± 45 days, but new plans would have the streaming service embrace the theatrical release fully again. This would make them wait longer and add a PVOD window to the broadcast schedule of the latest titles. However, this plan does not seem to have lasted very long, as after the delayed premiere of Elvis, the new film Don’t Worry Darling starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh also was launched online after only 44 days.

In the meanwhile, the films are available to watch on TVOD services

Does this mean we can once again enjoy the latest movies only in theaters? No, it doesn’t seem that way. In fact, w still have a large selection of titles on TVOD services. For example, you can already rent or buy the aforementioned Top Gun and Jurassic World films. Besides that though, it is expected that for titles made by SkyShowtime studios—Universal Pictures, DreamWorks, Sky Studios, Peacock, Paramount+, Showtime, Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon—unlimited subscription streaming is still 7-8 months away for now.