Netflix shares trailer of upcoming final season of ‘Manifest’

Manifest season 4 comes to Netflix on November 4, 2022. The streaming service just launched the very first trailer of the final season.

Brand new Star Wars series is coming to Disney+: ‘Andor’ starts in September

Disney+ will soon launch a brand new Star Wars series worldwide. September 21, 2022, will be the first streaming day of episodes 1-3.

Netflix reveals first clip of fourth and final season of ‘Manifest’

Manifest season 4 will be coming to Netflix soon and the streaming services has just revealed the first look clip of the final set of episodes.

Apple TV+ Original-series ‘Foundation’ officially renewed for season 2

Apple TV+ has officially renewed the popular science fiction series "Foundation" with a second season. The streaming service announced that.

When will Foundation season 2 be on Apple TV+?

With the new science fiction series Foundation, Apple seems to have an absolute ratings canon on its hands. Even before the first part has...