Christmas series ‘The Santa Clauses’ with Tim Allen started today

“Ho, ho, ho!” Tim Allen plays Santa Claus in the brand new Christmas series ‘The Santa Clauses’ (2022), but he loses his magic and starts his search for a suitable replacement. Starting today, the two first episodes are available to stream worldwide via Disney+.

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The Santa Clauses (series, 2022) on Disney+: story and trailer

Scott Calvin is on the verge of his 65th birthday and realizes he can’t stay Santa Claus forever. He suddenly begins to lose his Santa magic, and more importantly, he has a family that could benefit from living in the normal world. Especially his two children who grew up at the North Pole.

With plenty of elves, children and family to be content with, Scott sets out to find a suitable replacement Santa while preparing his family for a new adventure in a life south of the pole. In addition to Tim Allen, the new Disney+ Original series also stars Elizabeth Mitchell (as Carol / Mrs. Claus) and Kal Penn (as Simon Choksi), among others.

The Santa Clauses | Official Trailer | Disney+

Disney+ kicks off Christmas series ‘The Santa Clauses’ (2022) with Tim Allen with a double episode

The Santa Clauses has been available exclusively on the streaming service Disney+ since Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022. In case you only found two episodes at the premiere, that’s not a mistake. In fact, weekly episodes for this title are being worked on by Disney+ after the double premiere. Since five episodes will appear, we already know that the final episode will come out on Wednesday, Dec. 14. Below is the complete broadcast schedule. Each launch is at 12 AM PT / 9 AM CET.

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More information about the new Christmas series

TitleThe Santa Clauses
Duration1 season, 5 episodes
CategoryComedy, Drama, Family
DirectorJack Burditt
CastTim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kal Penn, Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Austin Kane, Rupali Redd, Devin Bright, Matilda Lawler, David Krumholtz

Plot: Disney+