Filming of season 2 of Netflix series ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ finished

The first season of the Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla is coming to the streaming service in 2022 and it was recently announced that 3 seasons have already been ordered. After we also got to see the first images of S1, it now looks like season 2 could follow quite soon. The recordings are already completely finished!

Shooting of second season ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ has been completed by Netflix

In an Instagram post by Caroline Simonnet, a stuntwoman from London, she reveals that the filming of Vikings: Valhalla S2 is over. She writes: “Season 2 just wrapped on upcoming @netflixvalhalla! Had the pleasure to work on the show alongside my Irish bros/sistas and it’s set to be EPIC! Especially with Die Hard’s Jeb Stuart at the helm 🔥🔥🔥
S1 coming in 2022 💥💥💥 Thank you @swordmasterinc, always a pleasure ⚔🛡”

In early September, the Twitter account of Visit Wicklow, an area of Ireland near Dublin, shared another photo of the filming of the Netflix series. So in just a few months, this process appears to have been completed and it is now clear that this was the shooting of season 2.

It was previously announced that ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ will get at least 3 seasons from Netflix

A while ago we let you know that at least 3 seasons of Vikings: Valhalla are on the way. The production of a first, second and third season seem to have been given the green light even before the release of S1. The 24 episodes of the Vikings series that were supposedly ordered appear to be in the production schedule for 3 seasons.

Watch the first teaser

Below you can find the very first images from Vikings: Valhalla. These were shared with us during the global Netflix fan event TUDUM.

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